Now, especially in Indonesia, there are so many foods that contain borax. We know that borax is unsafe when it is used in food. This chemical commonly uses as cleaning chemical. So, how danger it is.

Blended curcuma
Krupuk tested

As knowledge, we teach our student to test the borax with curcuma longa, it’s called Kunyit. It’s a simple way to test borax, because every kitchen in Indonesia almost has Kunyit as traditional food seasoning. These are the way:
*We need:
one beet of Kunyit (curcuma longa) ; mineral water; Alcohol 70% or 90%; filter paper ; some tested food (ex: kerupuk – a crispy snack food chip made with flour and fish or shrimp-).
Blender (a machine or agent that mixes substances) ; paper clips ; spatula ; bowl
(1) Blended the Kunyit (curcuma longa) with blender
(2) Mix the blended kunyit with alcohol.
(3) Filter it and throw the sediment
(4) Cut the filter paper into long square
(5) Get the paper into blended kunyit – alcohol, wait while the paper become yellow.
(6) Then, pick the paper up and dry, don’t dry under the sun.  
(7) After the paper is dry, put the paper into tested food that have mix with some water before.
(8) Look the changing of the color! Some tested food change the color of paper, from yellow become red. This is indicating the food contains borax.
(by : Mrs.Hanee & Mr.Toto)
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