heroes-monument @SurabayaWith : Toto Education Center and the students
heroes-monument @Surabaya
With : Toto Education Center and the students

Surabaya/ October 21th, 2012. Jawa Timur -Indonesia

Surabaya is a main city in East Java. I have lived there since I was born. So, I know about this city very well. Surabaya has many places to go such as, zoo, coast, museums, historical places of Islam, historical market, shopping mall, and many others.

>>Special Moments in Surabaya<<

Visiting Surabaya in some special moments could make us enjoying many festivals. On May 31st, Surabaya has been celebrated their anniversary. Usually, during May the government of Surabaya have many program to enliven this moment. Such as, bazaar, Surabaya food festival, kite festival, Sparkling Surabaya, flowers festival, art festival, book festival, shopping festival, and others.

Moreover, October 12th is East Java’s anniversary day. So, among October Surabaya has glorious festival too. It is opened with bazaar and East Java cultures festival until the last part of October. In addition, November 10th is the Heroes Day, so Surabaya has known as Kota Pahlawan (The Heroes City). Because, there was historical moment of Surabaya’s peoples that known as arek-arek Suroboyo, they battled the ally force in November 10th 1945. Many people had killed on there.

>>Tugu Pahlawan (Monument)<<

November 10th 1951 the government was built a monument to memorize the battle of Surabaya. Actually a year later, Ir. Soekarno the first president of Indonesia, legalize the monument which known as Tugu Pahlawan. It has 41.15 meters high and has an underground museum. The museum is opened everyday, start on 08.00 am until 02.00pm.

The museum keeps many things about the battle of Surabaya. In there we can see the manuscript of ally ultimatum that written by Commander Allied Forced of East Java, Major General R.C. Mansergh. This Ultimatum makes Arek-arek Suroboyo angry and decided to fight against the allies on November 10th 1945. We can see the weapons that use at that moment.

>>Old Buildings and Places <<

Occupied by colonizer among 350 years as one of central administration, Surabaya is become an old city in East Java. There are many old building, facilities of water and land transportation. On water transportation, there is Tanjung Perak Harbor which is functioned as traffic commerce. At the past time, water transportation and commerce could be reached into the center of the city trough Kalimas River, but now it couldn’t be happened. The river is shallow. But now, we can see the heritage of development of colonialism age.

In spite of, Kalimas is stopped as trading transportation from harbor to the central city, there has been functioned as destination tour. We could trough the river with wooden boat which is rented on there. It used to holding dragon ship training at the weekend. At night, Kalimas is become so pretty with colored lamps which are embellish the river bank.

>>The Museums <<

Otherwise, Surabaya has some interested museum such as astrological museum, animal museum, museum of health, and cigarette museum. I had visited museum of health few moth ago. The museum’s named dr.Adhyatma MPH is located in the Health System and Policy Research and Development Center. The museum was officially opened on September 14th 2004 by dr.Sujudi, Minister of Health at that time. This museum founded in 1990 by Dr., dr., Harijadi Soeparto DOR, M.Sc.

We can see the modern technology and traditional technology of health. Most of traditional medicine here is related with healthy culture in Indonesia, such as santet, traditional circumcision tools, etc. This museum has hundreds collection equipment and tools of traditional medical care. The cultural healthy auditorium describes the cultural realities of supernatural and magic power that have been exploited in traditional medical practice.

>>Surabaya’s Culture<<

As a secondary city of Indonesia, Surabaya has many ethnic groups. There are maduranese, javanese, bataknese, banjarnese, and many others. Commonly, they come to this city to work. As a large urban area, Surabaya has many factory and economic areas. So, they attempt their skill in here.

Although they have different ethnics, they are life harmoniously.

>>Surabaya’s Culinary<<

When do you come to Surabaya? You have to schedule it as soon as possible in your holiday time. Here, your appetite will be spoiled with any of delicious food. Such as, semanggi (a type of plant with edible leaves) is served with cassava sauce, gado-gado (such as vegetable salad) with sauce, tahu campur (meat with tofu, salad and gravy). We also have historical palace of food, like Ayam Goreng Pemuda (serve us delicious local chicken) and Zangrandi ice cream.

So, come to visit Surabaya as soon as possible. (Author: Hani)